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      Online Speech Therapy


Lighthouse Diagnostic and Consulting Services is a private practice that serves Texas, Oregon, and California.  We provide high quality therapy as well as comprehensive speech and language evaluations for elementary aged students. We also provide recommendations based on strengths and weaknesses to target areas that require support. 

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Services are offered via teletherapy and include:

Diagnostic Services:

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Informal Screenings

involves informal observations to determine appropriate language skills, speech sounds and social skills.

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Comprehensive Evaluations

offered in the areas of articulation, voice, fluency, expressive/ receptive language, social skills, & literacy

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Full Written Reports & Recommendations

for intervention and educational placement/


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Attending ARDs

to make recommendations and collaborate with other providers on further referrals if needed.

Therapy Services:

Speech therapy improves communication for individuals delayed in the areas of language, articulation, pragmatics, and fluency.
Speech therapy can help students:

  • Express themselves clearly in school and in social situations.

  • Improve ability to comprehend and express ideas, thoughts and feelings.

  • Increase confidence and self-esteem.

We offer these services for all elementary students and a variety of schools including Preschools, Charter Schools, Private Schools, & Public Schools.


"Nothing can dim the light that shines from within."
-Maya Angelou

Meet Ogechi

Ogechi Ayozie, M.S. CCC-SLP is an experienced speech/language pathologist and is fully licensed in multiple states including the state of Texas, Oregon, and California. She is an active member of the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA). Ogechi has worked in various settings including K-12 schools, nursing homes and home health settings. She is experienced with the diagnosis and treatment of children with articulation and phonological disorders, apraxia, stuttering, social/pragmatic language disorders, and receptive and expressive language disorders.

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Teletherapy services offered throughout the states of Texas, Oregon, and California.

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